What Did We Learn from Student Reports? (2)

  The students’ final presentations were supposed to be stories about what people did in the workplaces to make their work lives better. Theoretically, the stories were supposed to be about collective action: organizing or leadership. However, we emphasized that what was most important was to tell what really happened, not to make something up.Continue reading “What Did We Learn from Student Reports? (2)”

What did we learn from the student reports? (1)

All the reports summarized and put into a table, printed out and taped together.   This will be the first of several posts on this topic. In this post, I’m just describing the  initial sorting process that had to be done with all the student reports when they came in. Combining Joe’s class and mine,Continue reading “What did we learn from the student reports? (1)”


Rich Trumka, AFL CIO President, with locked-out AFSCME 3494 workers.   Effingham: From Organizing to Contract   I never expected to hear the word “Effingham” pronounced in the middle of a sentence in Vietnamese, but it has now happened numerous times. I used the Effingham story, in which the workers at Heartland Health Services organized as AFSCMEContinue reading “Effingham”

What stories do we tell?

The first stories that come up when a bunch of old labor educators are killing a couple of bottles of wine are health and safety stories, like the generator that exploded and the printing press that blew across Michigan Avenue. Then we start remembering stories told us by other people: Emanuel Blackwell, RIch Egeland, Gary Gaines. Pretty soon we’re talking aboutContinue reading “What stories do we tell?”