Hue, Vinh’s Wedding #1

Vinh is from Hue and her family lives there so the first wedding (of three) was held there. Three solid days of ceremonies, family gatherings and meals after meals, all in extraordinary places. At one extreme was the wedding dinner, at least 7 courses served efficiently but unobtrusively to 800 guests seated at round tables inContinue reading “Hue, Vinh’s Wedding #1”

Teaching George Borjas’ Labor Economics; a real Vietnamese song  

We presented the first 17 of our 33 powerpoint slides on the Borjas book in a session yesterday afternoon with Dean Hoa, Miss La, Mr. Theit and Ms Pem, with Vinh translating. This book has been chosen to be part of the curriculum for the “Top 100” courses, a program at TDTU that is scheduledContinue reading “Teaching George Borjas’ Labor Economics; a real Vietnamese song  “

Happy Birthday! I’m 27

, Hollis, Leanna and Joe and I cabbed into District 1, followed (or led) by Vinh on her motorbike.  In case I haven’t explained this before, she  is a very pretty young woman at all times, but when she gears up with a face-covering mask, safety glasses, long-sleeved cotton jacket, big gloves and one of those semi-blanketContinue reading “Happy Birthday! I’m 27”

The Fence, and How to Get Over It In Certain Places

Last May when Richard Fincher came though Berkeley while attending a conference of arbitrators in San Francisco, we had dinner and he talked about what teaching in Vietnam was like. I can check that blog posting and confirm what he said. I remember him saying that he taught classes of 75 or more, that theContinue reading “The Fence, and How to Get Over It In Certain Places”

Final Exam: What did you learn?

I gave the sixth and last session of my Cross-Cultural Leadership classes on October 14. My final exam was one question, basically “What did you learn in this class?” It’s a take-home, due next Tuesday the 20th. Here’s the exam itself: Name and explain three things that you learned in this class How did youContinue reading “Final Exam: What did you learn?”