Six lists about what workers need from their local union

Joe asks his class to discuss in groups, then make a list to answer the question: “What do workers need from a good local grassroots union? What do they need it to do?”   Here are the items from the six lists that the students wrote on the board in Vietnamese, translated by Vinh andContinue reading “Six lists about what workers need from their local union”

King Lear in Vietnam

The Map of Lear’s Kingdom Yesterday (Monday Nov 16) in Joe’s class he used the Xuan-Trang and Binh interviews from Kent Wong and An Le’s book, Organizing on Separate Shores, that Dang (Tony) translated for us, except that at Binh’s request, we cut out the part about his childhood and military experience. The students readContinue reading “King Lear in Vietnam”

What Books We Are Reading about Vietnam

This is a book of poetry that goes from at least 1000 years ago to the near-present. Joe is in the Museum of Ethnography bookstore in Hanoi. The ancient poetry is in Chinese characters, the more recent in the romanized script of contemporary Vietnamese. We did not buy this book; it’s too heavy to carryContinue reading “What Books We Are Reading about Vietnam”