Nov 7, NYTimes calls for Biden

The green whiskers are the beginnings of California poppies which appear to be growing despite lack of rain and location atop steep dry stony hills where strong winds blow off the Bay. The night of November 5, election day, I met Joe down in Fremont. He had just completed four fifths (or actually 13/14ths) ofContinue reading “Nov 7, NYTimes calls for Biden”

Joe quits, I go missing

Joe wrote this to his various email correspondents: Friends, comrades, fellow workers,I am writing this note to all those I have been working with on my various projects up to the present. There are too many just now and I am feeling overwhelmed, probably exacerbated by the COVID restrictions, the wildfire smoke, the continuing crisis inContinue reading “Joe quits, I go missing”

8 minutes and 46 seconds at McDonalds

Demonstration at McDonalds last week, part of the nationwide Strike for Black Lives, that includes healthcare workers, fast food workers, “essential workers” of all sorts. McDonald’s has not provided adequate PPE for workers and many have gotten COVID-19.   Joe went to this demo and took photos; People are kneeling for the 8 minutes andContinue reading “8 minutes and 46 seconds at McDonalds”