Hanoi Conversations (2, VGCL)

Article in Lao Dong about this: http://laodong.com.vn/cong-doan/pho-chu-tich-tong-ldldvn-nguyen-thi-thu-hong-tiep-doan-can-bo-cd-my-414628.bld Kent Wong’s delegation of US labor leaders and labor educators arrived in Hanoi Sunday January 10. We met them in the lobby of the Rang Dong Hotel (Trade Union Hotel) and went to dinner at a place called Wild Rice, very elegant and full of what appeared to beContinue reading “Hanoi Conversations (2, VGCL)”

The Global Financial Crisis and TDTU Classroom Teaching Methods

Students line up to give blood at registration: campus life outside the classroom The TOP 100 aspiration is not just about TDTU. “In November 2013, the Communist Party issued a Resolution on Fundamental and Comprehensive Education Reform that aims to develop education in Viet Nam to become an advanced education system that meets regional andContinue reading “The Global Financial Crisis and TDTU Classroom Teaching Methods”