Unnatural Causes: 1986 US film about Agent Orange

We went to Los Angeles last weekend to celebrate Jake’s 40th birthday and stayed at Mona Field and Martin Goldstein’s house over in Eagle Rock. Since we were talking about Viet Nam, Martin mentioned that he had written the story upon which the 1986 TV movie Unnatural Causes was based. He also worked on theContinue reading “Unnatural Causes: 1986 US film about Agent Orange”

Michigan, Black Lives Matter, Discussions

Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in Michigan last night. This is a significant upset. However, what appears to be happening in the mainstream media is that Sanders and Trump are being grouped together as “outsider” candidates. I hope this is not a trend. (Note from 2 days later: The San Francisco Chronicle reported Bernie’sContinue reading “Michigan, Black Lives Matter, Discussions”