First day of semester, August 2017

The semester starting at TDT is like a huge machine coming to life. Outside our door starting soon after 6 am there were classes in the swimming pool, tennis classes, something else in the background, martial arts in the gym. Lots of mothers sitting on the benches while the young students found out where theirContinue reading “First day of semester, August 2017”

Sunday morning after sleeping nearly 18 hours, maybe more

Coffee shop in the Duong So 8 neighborhood; houses worth $1M, occupied by state employees and businessmen. Along the river; across it, we could see the orange-red tower of the new TDT library.  Friday was very full. We “the foreign experts” have a very fancy, brand new office over in C Building, room 206. FourContinue reading “Sunday morning after sleeping nearly 18 hours, maybe more”