So How Would a Revolution Actually Start in the US?

So how would a revolution actually start?  Our daughter, an ER nurse who thinks ahead, has been reading the New York Times Op Eds post-Kavanaugh. She asked this question. I don’t think it will start before the election on November 6. Everyone is too busy. But first, a word from our sponsor:  This is notContinue reading “So How Would a Revolution Actually Start in the US?”

The Mansion of the Kavanaughs

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted. What could I say that wasn’t bad news? But now the Brett Kavanaugh hearings have happened and all hell has broken loose.  Women protesting all over the place, occupying offices in government buildings, clamoring for the white boys in charge to listen to their stories and payContinue reading “The Mansion of the Kavanaughs”