Hanoi, October 3, 2017

red union.JPG

“Red Union” or “Hop Cong Hoi Do, by Huynh Can FM, 1922-1987, painted in 1964, at the Hanoi Museum of Fine Art



One of the patriarchs. A whole room at the museum was dedicated to these slightly larger than life-size men. 

tranq cafe

Outside of the Tranquility Cafe. Note books on shelves inside. We were asked to sit outside because we were engaging in intense conversation with Daniel, and other people were reading and writing inside. Address is 5 Nguyen Quang Bich. There are two cafes by this name across the street from each other. The entry to the one we were in is below.

entr tranq

Below: View of Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword, sort of an Arthurian legend but involving a turtle) from the restaurant level of the first hotel we stayed in, Bao Khanh, owned by the brother of the owners of the hotel we originally reserved, but which had “water problems.” We are now back in the original hotel, Family Holiday, at 34 Hanh Hanh; large white room with balcony, very nice. Streets  are blocked off for cars on weekends all the way around the Lake, so they are full of strolling families. The tiny streets right by our hotel seem to have less car traffic; lots of motorbikes. It’s a dense tourist area. Shops selling silk, massage, baskets, jewelry are side by side all the way up and down the street (this is not different from the broader neighborhood, however). In between each one, a restaurant, sometimes several stories. Also nail and hair salons.

View frm htl

Hoan Kiem Lake, evening.

Dusk refl

We do email and respond to correspondence in the mornings, after breakfast. Lots of prep going on for the Minimum Wage Workshop January 8-9-10. I have committed to study my VN vocabulary but am having a hard time concentrating on it. Waiting to hear the other shoe drop regarding Hansae: did the students contact Ana Jimenez? Did Jeffery Hermanson read my message to him? Did anyone read my blog post about the session? Etc.

Then go out;  an appointment, a museum. Later today we will find Ho Tay Lake and a bike collective where we can rent bikes and ride around the lake.

bike coll

We have signed up for a 60K ride on Friday, out through the Red River delta to a pagoda.

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