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Vote count by state, as they are still being counted

This morning Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race. She did not turn around and jump to endorse anyone, the way Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klochubar did. She’s waiting and thinking. That sounds right. It looks as if the votes that went to her were probably votes that might have gone to Bernie, so they cost him some states. And he cost her votes, too.

Biden’s delegates have crept up during the late count, by 1 in Colorado, to 10 for Biden and 20 for Bernie, and by more in California. It’s now 186 for Bernie and 146 for Biden, 15 for Bloomberg and 5 for Warren. Still counting, as far as I can see.

Rachel Maddow interviewed Bernie last night and he said that, as far as he was concerned, the person with the most delegates at the convention wins the nomination. No second ballot, no super-delegates. This is brave and smart. It focuses on his ground game and challenges the other candidates to win on the basis of what people actually choose when they vote in their primary. It defies the corporate Dems who have lined up super delegates to fix any problems if such should arise. It’s like saying, “If you guys bring in enough delegates to nominate Biden on the first ballot, he’s all yours and we’ll all deal with the consequences in November and years coming forward.” The young activists aren’t going away. The climate crisis isn’t going away.

Apparently Sunday night before the primary, Black Lives Matter activists climbed onto the stage at Amy Klochubar’s rally in Milwaukee and wouldn’t let it go on; she had to cancel it.

The news is mostly corona virus, which our healthcare system is completely unprepared for. The real danger, I’m told, is not that a whole lot of people will die –the mortality rate is lower than flu – but that our healthcare system will get overwhelmed because of so many people getting sick at once, and no one will get care, no matter what they’re sick with. I heard one interviewee on KQED naming Trump’s de-funding of the CDC as a cause, but others, speaking on CSPAN in various hearings, dance around placing blame for being unready for a pandemic.

Children apparently don’t get sick with it, by the way.

The market is whaling around up and down as trade and travel grind to a half.

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