Truck Fire


This seemed to pretty much say it all about what’s going on here now. I can’t resist another photo:

Fire 4

We were on our way to Los Angeles to deliver a grandson to his cousins’ house for a bit of variety during the pandemic shutdown.  We went down I-5 and then up the Grapevine over the Tehachapi Mountains, a long slow climb where there are signs every few miles warning about overheating engines. There are some radiator water access stops.  This was just after we got over the top.

At rest stops along the way we saw social distancing in the parking lots — every other space — and in the restrooms, and on women and children. The only unmasked people were middle-aged white men, walking around fairly aggressively with chins down and big bellies fronted in their USA T-shirts. 

There is a child whom I meet sometimes on walk, a girl about 4 or 5 years old.  She is always with her two young parents. She calls out to me across the street and says hello and seems desperate to talk to someone.  I asked her if she had anyone to play with.  No, she says. The need to get kids back into play is urgent.

The teachers union in Los Angeles (UTLA) has put out an 11-page statement of what they need in order to get the schools open. An article in the LondonReview of Books explains the difference between a technological approach to  the pandemic (vaccines, ventilators)  and a community medicine barefoot doctor approach. The former won’t work. Human beings, it turns out, don’t keep the antibodies in our systems.  Meanwhile, places like Vietnam have stopped the virus, or at least have no deaths. 

The Department of Homeland Security has apparently sent troops in to put down the demonstrations in Portland, Oregon.  The Governor did not call them in and wants them out. 

While it’s not as visually arresting as a truck fire, here is a segment from the 1950’s TV show, the Sid Caesar Show. About minute 4:15 where they’re talking about how to raise money for fixing up playgrounds there’s an explanation of what caused the 2008 crash:










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