Cu Chi, Independence Day, Vy and An

After lunch with Vy’s family, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. A wonderful day. Thanks to An for carrying her camera and asking a neighbor child to take this photo. This is the wind blowing the curtains in the room at Vy’s grandmother’s house where we took a nap after an enormous lunch.Continue reading “Cu Chi, Independence Day, Vy and An”

First day of semester, August 2017

The semester starting at TDT is like a huge machine coming to life. Outside our door starting soon after 6 am there were classes in the swimming pool, tennis classes, something else in the background, martial arts in the gym. Lots of mothers sitting on the benches while the young students found out where theirContinue reading “First day of semester, August 2017”

Sunday morning after sleeping nearly 18 hours, maybe more

Coffee shop in the Duong So 8 neighborhood; houses worth $1M, occupied by state employees and businessmen. Along the river; across it, we could see the orange-red tower of the new TDT library.  Friday was very full. We “the foreign experts” have a very fancy, brand new office over in C Building, room 206. FourContinue reading “Sunday morning after sleeping nearly 18 hours, maybe more”

June 26, 2017: Mapping apple trees in Southern Vermont

The hillside above the Coleman farm, on the day of Ralph Coleman’s Celebration. Ralph Coleman died in November 2016. By noon today, when the celebration was scheduled to start, there were hundreds of cars up in this field. He was a farmer. He cut lumber, made maple syrup, and officiated at weddings. He was licensedContinue reading “June 26, 2017: Mapping apple trees in Southern Vermont”