Minimum Wage Conference in Berkeley

The beauty of food in its market presentation form: This is at Monterey Market on Hopkins Joe and I went to the full-day symposium (that’s a good word; the upcoming TDT January 9-10, 2018 will be called a “workshop”, as compared to conference or seminar) at the Institute for Labor Research and Employment (ILRE) onContinue reading “Minimum Wage Conference in Berkeley”

November, 2017 Research, Vermont WC

Emotional Labor: Midnight Goddesses We land in Taipei in the middle of the night. Two years ago, this airport was just an endless white-walled tunnel with the occasional sign “Transfers.”  Now the temporary walls are down and it turns out they were building a palace of duty-free merchandise, all the big brand names, and itContinue reading “November, 2017 Research, Vermont WC”

Hansae news, Lan’s article, class projects

In our Journal Club meeting on Monday, when we got back from Hanoi, Dean Hoa told us that his contact (the HR Manager named Thinh) at Hansae said that they enjoyed our session very much, that it was “exciting” and that they have suspended the class for a week in order to allow a newContinue reading “Hansae news, Lan’s article, class projects”